Opening accounts for and offsetting by J-Credits

A foreign entity, which is not legally registered in Japan, can also open its account in the J-Credit Scheme Registry and hold, buy, sell, transfer and retire J-Credits.

Please be advised that:

  • the Registry system itself and the related documents (webpages, forms, manuals, terms of use, etc.) are written only in Japanese;
  • J-Credits are generated from GHG emission reduction/removal activities implemented only in Japan; and
  • retired J-Credits can also offset GHG emissions occurred outside Japan, such as in international aviation and shipping and overseas manufacturing, only when the offsetting is voluntary.*(See notes below.)

<Notes for overseas offsetting by J-Credits>
* Voluntary offsetting does not include:

  • one that contributes to NDCs of the countries other than Japan; or
  • one that requires corresponding adjustments.

* J-Credits will possibly be useable for the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) even though its offsetting is not voluntary and requires corresponding adjustments. Further information about the offsetting for CORSIA is forthcoming.
The list of issued J-Credits’ vintage years, on which each J-Credit’s usability for CORSIA (CORSIA-eligibility) would depend, is downloadable here.

* J-Credits cannot be used in reporting the amount of renewable energy procured abroad to CDP, SBT, and RE100.

Managing and transferring J-Credits

Please enter the electronic J-Credit Scheme Registry system (only in Japanese, available 9:00-23:00 JST on weekdays) below.

Opening an account

In order to open an account in the J-Credit Scheme Registry, a foreign entity is kindly requested:

  • to take the account opening procedure on the on-line J-Credit Scheme Registry system, following “3.1 Opening an account (For account holders and application agents)", pp. 17-23 of the Users' Manual, Ver. 3.2 (only in Japanese, available at ); and
  • to email PDF files of (1) the applicant's Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum and Articles of Association (If it is not in English, its certified English translation is also required.), (2) the applicant's official document in English, which authorizes the application for opening an account, (3) the passport (front page and identification page) of the applicant's account manager to be designated, and (4) the email text of "Notice of Completion of Application for Use" (in Japanese) sent from the Registry system after taking the aforementioned procedure.

Transfer and retirement of J-Credits and other account-related procedures

Please see the webpage in Japanese.