On 28 April 2023, the Implementation Outline and the Implementation Rules for Project Participants and for Examining Authorities were respectively updated to Ver. 6.0, 9.0, and 2.2. Their amendments, which are designed to satisfy the requirements to be an eligible programme for the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), include:

  • establishing a new general requirement for projects: making environmental and social considerations and ensuring sustainability;
  • requiring project participants additionally to declare legal compliance in writing and to conduct stakeholder consultations for environmental and social considerations and sustainability; and
  • requesting a committee chairperson to confirm, at the beginning of every meeting, whether or not each committee member has a special interest in the contents of decisions to be made at the meeting.

In addition to the Outline and the Rules, the relevant methodologies also set the new requirement regarding environmental and social considerations and sustainability and exemplified laws to be complied. The new versions of those methodologies will be uploaded shortly.

On 30 June 2023, the Implementation Outline was again ammended:

  • to mention CORSIA as a new use of J-Credits;
  • to establish a procedure of using J-Credtis for CORSIA, which includes the information disclosure of CORSIA-eligible J-Credtis and the request to apply a corresponding adjustment; and
  • to formalize publication of validation/verification reports.
Documents Ver. Update date
Implementation OutlineNEW (PDF:778KB) 6.2 2023/10/20
Implementation Rule For Project ParticipantsNEW (PDF:801KB) 9.1 2023/10/20
For Examining Authorities (PDF:430KB) 2.2 2023/04/28
Monitoring and Calculation Rule Emission Reduction (PDF:1.01MB) 3.17 2023/02/09
Emission Reduction supplementary volume (PDF:445KB) 1.0 2013/08/06
Carbon Sequestration (PDF:1.79MB) 3.2 2023/03/02
Rules for developing Methodologies Emission Reduction (PDF:488KB) 3.5 2023/03/02
Carbon Sequestration (PDF:260KB) 3.1 2023/03/02
Methodologies Methodologies - -
Terms and Conditions For Project Participants (PDF:68KB) 1.2 2019/10/29
For Examining Authorities (PDF:167KB) 1.2 2019/10/29